Short for Active Noise Cancelling, produce reverse sound waves equal to external noise through the noise reduction system, to neutralize the noise, thereby achieving the effect of noise reduction. The main purpose is to satisfy people in the noisy environment to better shield the outside noise, so as to experience better listening effects.

The Application of ANC Bluetooth Earphones
1. The first is business people.
Due to frequent business trips, especially those who travel between different cities every day, they must hate the noise in the cabin. If there is a noise-cancelling earphone, they will be able to stay away from these noises and relax by listening to music.
2. Subway people.
The office workers who crowded the subway every day are already used to the noise in the subway.
However, if there is a noise canceling earphone at this time, not only can it be far away from the noise, but also can adjust the mood through the headphones, and enjoy the process happily.
3. Office workers also need a pair of noise canceling headphones.
Sometimes when thinking about planning, listening to the sound of central air conditioning is particularly upset, and if there are colleagues voice always around you at this time, it is even more annoying. At this time, you may wear a pair of noise-cancelling headphone to expand your thinking in beautiful music.

PictureA12 sport headphoneT22 noise cancelling headphone
Bluetooth Version4.25.0
MicrophonesSingle microphoneDual microphones
Operating Distance>10 M>10 M
Battery100mAhEarbuds 60mAh * 2
Playing Time4H6H * 5
Charge TimeNo2 hours
Driver Unit2 * 13mm2 * 8mm
Noise Reduction Performance-25dB-23dB
Active Noise CancellingYesYes
LinkA12 ANC sport headphoneT22 noise cancelling headphone

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